Will Prosser, DPT


Phone:  662.328.1012

Will Prosser, PT, DPT, Cert MDT, Cert DN

Will Prosser is a board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy with specialized training and certification in the McKenzie Method and Dry Needling. His first experience with physical therapy was at the age of 13, due to an athletic injury that required surgery and physical therapy. He quickly became interested in the field and his passion grew as he continued to play sports. 

Using his personal experience, Will is able to empathize and relate to his patients. From the nagging day-to-day pain to the surgery and recovery process, he understands how injuries can limit your ability to perform and enjoy an active, fulfilling lifestyle. Will enjoys the opportunity to work with patients and create a successful solution for their recovery. His patient care philosophy is “Listen to the patient! They will lead you to the answer.”

Will received his 4 Year Letterman at Wide Receiver for Mississippi State University. Because of his athletic background, he enjoys working with high school and college athletes and seeing them return to their field of play at a healthy and elevated level. 

When he’s not treating patients, Will enjoys spending time with his wife and son. He also enjoys reading, refereeing high school football and MSU athletics.